Things to do with kids near me

If you are a parent you will know how difficult it can be to entertain your kids, especially during the holiday season or time off school.

Many parents take to the internet to search for “things to do with kids near me” but often find expensive activities to do that puts them off. But how would a day nursery worker deal with the same question. Childcare and nursery workers must have the most difficult job in the world but they naturally always seem to find things to do with your kids.

There are actually many many things that can be done that are nearby or in your own home that are not too expensive and can give you some great fun time with your children.

Here are a few suggestions:

Play a board game

Play hide and seek – you are never too old to play this and you will have lots of fun.

Go for a nature walk

Visit a nearby museum

Watch a movie together

Go jumping in muddy puddles – especially if you have small children into Peppa Pig

A full day out or in with your kids will probably leave you shattered especially if you are not used to it. Fancy a job as a full-time day nursery worker now?