How will your second job interview be different from the first one?

Once you have reached your second job interview stage, it can sometimes be tempting to believe you are nearly there and that the job is now there for your taking. You still have a lot of work to complete therefore get ready too for your second interview just like you did for the first one.
They might want to dig deeper into your personal interest and skills to assess if you are the best candidate for their team, or they might have brought another person in to play the “tough guy” to assess how you deal with pressure. Look forward to more challenging or open-ended questions.
If you’ve been requested to have a formal interview presentation, ask the interviewer that all the apparatus or material you need is prepared and waiting for you the time you roll up.
Second job interviews are good opportunity to sort out the second thoughts you got on your first interview. Run through all the notes you took in the first interview and prepare a list of things you want to shed light on when they give you a chance to ask a few questions.
This is also the time to actually contemplate whether you would like to work for this company or no. Are you happy with their management? Is there something in your heart that does not feel right? Make sure you pick-up as many signs as you can.
Once in a while, a second job interview will take place off the site; in a restaurant or bar. There is a reason for this – your interviewers may well want to look into your interpersonal skills by assessing how you respond in an informal environment.
This method is as well used to catch you off-guard and lure you into saying things you could not say in a formal setting. Control yourself. Alcohol can sometimes make you say things you regret and don’t fall into a trap of taking too much too fast so stay focused and professional.
You may well be offered the job at that moment. No matter how much you need the job, just express the gratitude, but do not accept the offer yet. It is very logical to request for time to think.
Consider the offer in your head and talk about it with a few friends to ensure you are fully satisfied with the idea. Use your skills and common sense, don’t be defeated, and do not lose your judgment in the excitement of the moment. Remember this as a chance to negotiate a contract that is best for you, therefore take your time.
If you don’t negotiate a good salary or contract at this time, then the answer is NO. It needs some guts to request for more, but it is much better to request and be decline than not to request at all. Getting what you long for does not mean that you have to behave like a jerk.
Moreover, you are not going to lose the job just because you tried to negotiate a contract that is best for you. In most cases, the interviewer expects you to negotiate. If you feel like keeping it simple, just smile and ask for what you need while giving some evidence to support your request.