What kind of questions should you ask your interviewers?

The majority of interviewers will give you a chance to ask questions once they have finished interviewing you, therefore be ready to give the best of it. Try to focus on subjects that are essential to you and then combine the significance in the job with the significance in the company.
It is unlikely that all you need or would like to know about the role will have been completely covered during the interview. Still, you should have no less than five questions prepared. There is always other information to be asked.
Regarding task specific questions, leaf through their job description to note if there’re some areas you want more information about. Below are a few good examples:

• “Why has the post become vacant?”
• “What are the goals of the position?”
• “What obstructions are there in achieving these goals?”
• “What targets do you have for someone you hire?”
• “Where will this job fit into your team structure?”
Proper interview preparation should have narrowed you an insight into what it is expected to work for the organization, however it is good to have answers directly from the employer or interviewer in case you have misunderstood anything.
Here are the examples of good questions you can ask your interviewer;
• “How do you create good relationships within your teams?”
• “How would you describe your company ethos?”
• “Do you any future plan for the company expansion?”
• “What are some of the best things about working at your company?”

To demonstrate your knowledge and interest of the industry their company operates in, it is a good initiative to get a question on the subject of any current occurrence or topic in the market.
For instance, “How do you think the latest separation between your two major competitors will have an effect on the future of this industry?”
How well your interviewers respond and reply your questions gives you an insight into the organization. The interview process is not just for employers to see if you are the best fit for their company – you should also be ensuring they are the best fit for you.
Normally it is not a good idea to ask any question about remuneration or salary, because this can make you look more attracted in what the company can offer you, rather than what you can offer them.