CNC Engineering Jobs

Technology moves so quickly these days and many jobs that used to be more manual labor than technical are changing.

Take precision engineering as an example – many jobs within an engineering factory would be very laborious and heavy on the hands but in the 21st Century many of the factories are now run by machines / computers and you will require an advanced level of computer technologies to run one.

Have a look at this video about 5 Axis CNC Machining and you will soon understand what I am talking about:

Do you think you could operate one of these machines?

SEO Recruitment in the North

When looking to work for an SEO Company you should look no further than companies that provide SEO Services in the North of the country.

The “Digital North” is a haven of talent and has a wealth of experience you can learn from if you are lucky enough to land a job with one of the major agencies.

If you know SEO you can first checkout who you want to work with by having a close look at their website to see if they maintain good SEO Practises. One such company, SEO Doncaster, has localised a lot of their search pages to help capture leads in different areas that they service.

Other companies often work off word of mouth and it isnt unusual to find SEO Company ‘s websites that haven’t had their own SEO done.

You can dig further into these websites by using tools such as:

It is also always a good idea to do an SEO Audit on the companies site that you want to work with, especially if there are a few gaping holes in what they should be doing.

Obviously, any due diligence you can do on the agency you want to work with would be very valuable.